Community Anouncement

City Manager urges weeds stay trimmed

As spring is well under away, and summer just around the corner, the Office of the Portsmouth City Manager would like to extend a friendly reminder to City residents

about ordinance 941.20 Weeds, Grass, Vines, Brush, and Shrubbery; Maintenance. According to the ordinance, grass and weeds cannot grow to a height greater

than six (6) inches and vines, brush, or shrubbery must be kept in such a manner as to not create a nuisance or health and safety concern for the public. Unkempt properties

will likely result in a visit from the City Code Enforcement Officer−but we’d like to avoid that and work together to keep our beautiful City clean! So, please, join us in

keeping Portsmouth a safe, well-kept, and aesthetically pleasing community.

Have a great summer and thank you!

Sam Sutherland, Interim City Manager