Pizzulli Campaign Questions Baldridge’s Support from Outside Group

Highlights the Columbus power struggle taking place in Southern Ohio



Last week the Pizzulli for Ohio campaign challenged Gina Collinsworth to disavow any and all support from now former Speaker Rosenburger and Representative Ryan Smith. Since that time Gina has continued to deny any involvement with the Smith team even though there is now record of Columbus operatives parachuting into the district in early April to assist Collinsworth.


In the wake of these revelations, another candidate in this race for State Representative, Brian Baldridge, also admonished Collinsworth for taking outside money and support from Columbus insiders. Pizzulli said, “I was happy to see that others were beginning to realize what was going on in our race— Columbus insiders were infiltrating our community to handpick a winner. Unfortunately, it appears that Baldridge may be involved in the same kind of scheme as he just condemned.”


In the past few days there has been a dramatic uptick in paid mail and media activity in support of Brian Baldridge. These activities have taken a decidedly nasty and negative stance on Gina Collinsworth, while promoting Brian Baldridge. It has become clear that Brian Baldridge, despite his comments about Collinsworth, is also receiving financial support from an outsider group who is vying to take control of power in Columbus. This group is headed up by former House Speaker Larry Householder.


“If Brian is receiving support from Team Householder in his bid to become the next Speaker, I find that to be very disingenuous in the wake of the criticisms against Gina. I like Brian a lot and I hope he can explain this. Right now Brian and Gina are locked in a proxy war for Smith and Householder. Unfortunately, this race has turned into a Columbus power struggle rather than a campaign about the issues that matter to Southern Ohio. Every time we see a negative ad or mail piece from either of them, all I see is a battle being waged by Columbus power brokers. I am the only candidate in this race running for Southern Ohio.”
Justin Pizzulli is a lifelong resident of Southeast Ohio, having received his Undergraduate degree from Shawnee State University and his MBA from Marshall University. Having been heavily involved in the local and state Republican Party,  Justin currently works as a real estate agent. He is running as a strongly pro-life, pro-second amendment candidate who wants to restore the voice of Southern Ohio in Columbus. You can learn more about Justin by visiting his campaign Facebook page or his website.

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