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Attorney disputes Brisker’s arrest

By Nikki Blankenship

Scioto County Candor

An attorney for Fred W. Brisker — Brisker has faced recent allegations of both insurance fraud and human trafficking — has issued a statement on Brisker’s behalf.brisker mug

In December 2017, the Scioto County Candor released a federal affidavit that named Brisker, as well as local attorney Mike Mearan, car dealer Darren Biggs and other named and unnamed individuals and public officials as targets of an investigation into human trafficking and public corruption.

In February, the Candor reported on claims that Brisker had been arrested and further reported that the Scioto County Sheriff’s Dept. had issued a statement saying Brisker had not been booked in the Scioto County Jail.

On March 5, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority released a disclosure stating Brisker had been discharged by his employer Parkland Securities, stating, “The firm has reason to believe that the representative forged the signature of another insurance agent, and misrepresented the other agent as his employer, in connection with submitting his own disability claim form to an insurance company.”

Attorney James S. Mowery, Jr. with Mowery Youell & Galeano, Ltd. in Dublin has since issued a statement in response to claims against Brisker.

“Mr. Brisker has never been arrested, jailed or convicted of human trafficking,” a letter from Mowery dated April 10 stated.

The letter further stated that any source stating otherwise was “unreliable.”