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Pizzulli Campaign Calls on Collinsworth to Disavow Support from Columbus

Pizzulli Campaign Calls on Collinsworth to Disavow Support from Columbus

Her campaign supported by politicians under FBI investigation

Portsmouth, Ohio-

Late last week it was discovered that current Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives, Cliff Rosenburger, may be under FBI investigation. This was reported by a number of credible news outlets across the state, including the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and Third Rail Politics. The details are still forthcoming, but it appears as if Rosenburger participated in unethical behavior in his relationship with donors and lobbyists in a way that may have altered the legislative process.


It is a well-known fact that Rosenburger has been using OHROC to actively support and fund House candidates across the state that will support Representative Ryan Smith in his bid to become the next Speaker of the House. One of those candidates who has been receiving ample support from this cadre of politicians is Gina Collinsworth, who is running in the 90th District against Justin Pizzulli.


When asked about these developments, Justin Pizzulli had this to say: “Gina has been receiving a lot of financial support from Ryan Smith and Cliff Rosenburger’s Columbus faction. Whether she is doing this knowingly or not, she now finds herself associated with self-interested politicians, one of which is being criminally investigated. I call on Gina to publicly disavow all support from Ryan Smith and Cliff Rosenburger. To continue to receive support while this investigation is ongoing is unethical and disturbing.”


Pizzulli continued by saying, “It’s disappointing to see someone from our community get tangled up in this. When it comes to Gina there are only two reasonable explanations for her behavior. One, she is willing to do whatever it takes to win, which shows a lack of values. Or two, she is completely naive to all of this which shows a lack of judgement. Our community deserves better, and given the mess that exists in Columbus, we need better.”
Justin Pizzulli is a lifelong resident of Southeast Ohio, having received his Undergraduate degree from Shawnee State University and his MBA from Marshall University. Having been heavily involved in the local and state Republican Party, Justin currently works as a real estate agent. You can learn more about Justin by visiting his campaign Facebook page or his website.