‘The potential to be creative’

By Nicole Huff

Scioto County Candor


Creativity is not in just one form, but rather a never ending variation of forms that can be seen in basically anything. 

Creative Cult Lives, locally co-founded by Nick Sherman, is an experience workshop, which gives people a unique opportunity to be creative and the confidence to explore that creativity.

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Sherman explained that he and the other two founders of Creative Cult had been in art shows since roughly 2013, and had started hosting their own art shows — making the work for them, advertising for them and talking about them, which eventually evolved to them wanting to help others find the creativity within themselves. Creative Cult was born. Creative Cult lives. Sherman gave more detail to the start, stating,

“Creative process is what really got the ball rolling. It was a class we took at Shawnee State that was very influential to us all. We are all fine artists by craft. I graduated with a visual arts graphic design degree, but that class helped us understand that everyone has the coherent ability to be creative; meaning, creativity is not so particular. Being an artist is creative, but that’s a limited definition. Right now, we are creating conversation. Creativity is what we default to; we can’t not do it. We wanted to take those ideas that were instilled in us during creative process and teach people that they will always have the potential to be creative.”

It was the lessons of that class that impacted Sherman to the degree that he wanted to share the ideas with others.

“Once we were in that class, the two other students and eventual founders and I myself felt it was doing a lot for us. It was very beneficial to us, so we’d stay up late doing the assignment every night. Class was on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so on every other day we would just be experimenting. Our professor wasn’t big on directing our work, so he would give us an assignment, such as drawing our childhood selves, but didn’t tell us what medium to do it in or anything beyond the concept of it, so we greatly enjoyed that freedom. Once the class ended, we needed to do something to boost that excitement again, so we started a clothing line, which we thought made the most sense when looking at career paths, but ultimately we had more of an enthusiasm to the creative process, versus a clothing bland,” Sherman further explained.

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Sherman is 23, from St. Clairsville, but came to Portsmouth initially to play soccer. He played soccer at SSU for three years, but felt he didn’t have a career path in the sport, which led him to refocus on what his real path is, which is art, art he tries to share with his new community.

Currently, the services offered through Creative Cult are being funded through workshop tickets and entries, as well as merchandise. The service offers a Cult gathering, which is a one time visit designed to build creative confidence and leave the audience inspired to create; a workshop series, which is a series of three consultations; and an active display, which is a piece of art made by the audience throughout the length of the event, to showcase their creativity.

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“If someone believes they aren’t a creative person, just give us one night and one opportunity to prove them wrong, and I’m fairly certain that we can do that,” Sherman concluded.

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