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Easter Sunrise Service with some Portsmouth history

By Nicole Huff

Scioto County Candor


With the arrival of spring comes the arrival of Easter, as well as the many traditions that go along with this joyous day. The Friends of Greenlawn Cemetery Foundation will be hosting their very first Easter Sunrise Service, opening with a song sung by members of the church, followed by Rev. Gowdy doing a nondenominational service, which will last approximately 35 minutes, and another song sung to close the service.

This day is very special to the foundation in more than one way, according to Friends of Greenlawn Cemetery Foundation President Debbie Gambill.

“This is the anniversary date of the founding of the Friends of Greenlawn Cemetery Foundation, and we are working on restoration currently. For instance, the chapel’s work was started last week, and now we are getting ready to replace the roof, so we are one year into this and progress is definitely being made,” Gambill stated. “Anytime that we can get people into the cemetery, they can enjoy the monuments and the history, and they can observe all of those things that are very important to them. As far as a community, we did our first reenactment in the fall, ‘The Story of Us,’ and we are trying to plan our next one. So, we try to host community events all year long, so others can embrace the history of their community,” Gambill further explained.

The sunrise service is offered at no cost to the public, with all donations to fund the event being made by the members of the board directors. The foundation will also be hosting a Memorial Day event and another event later in the fall. The Greenlawn service starts at 7 a.m. on Easter Sunday, April 1, in front of the Greenlawn Cemetery Chapel, in Greenlawn Cemetery, in Portsmouth.