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NB steps up safety, loses little league

By Nikki Blankenship

Scioto County Candor

New Boston took a steps towards better ensuring the safety of officers in an active shooter situation.

During last week’s meeting of the New Boston Village Council, Councilman Dan Fetty made a motion for the appropriation of $3,675 to pay for five sets of active shooter gear to be kept in each of the Village’s cruisers.

New Boston Police Department (NBPD) Chief Steve Goins explained that the gear will consist of one size fits all vests with curved metal plates in the front, sides and back. The vest is specifically designed to handle rifles, rather than just handguns. The gear also includes ballistics helmets, kits and a bag to carry the gear. The gear will stay in police cruisers for use in any call that may require such safety measures.

“Active shooting doesn’t have to occur in schools,” Goins stated. “It can occur anywhere.”

He added that this is just one more effort to ensure the safety of New Boston officers.

Fetty also motioned for appropriations for police training, four new vests for the police department and for an intake valve for the fire department.

During the meeting, New Boston Council also gave a first reading to an ordinance to amend Chapter 181 of the City Income Tax Code to adopt sections 718.80 and 718.95 of the Ohio Revised Code and declaring such an emergency to allow for the waiving of the 30-day waiting period; gave second reading to an ordinance transferring and appropriating funds that include payment of bills such as insurance and declaring such an emergency; and gave third reading to an ordinance authorizing the issuance of a permit to the Challenger League to solicit for donations for vehicles driving the highway.

During the meeting, Village Administrator Steve Hamilton made several announcements. He stated that he met with FEMA and Ohio EPA last week in regards to assistance with flood cleanup. Mayor William Williams stated that reimbursements will not be 100%, but they will be available. The Village currently owes outside contractors and for rentals.

Hamilton also announced that New Boston no longer has little league baseball. According to Hamilton, New Boston lost their charter to Clay. He added that Clay has already held their signups but have agreed to allow for a limited number of additional spots for New Boston players. Hamilton stated that East has also agreed to allow some New Boston youth to play on their little league.

New Boston Village Council will meet again at 6:30 p.m. on April 3 at the New Boston Community Center on Rhodes Ave. in New Boston.