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Tales from the Haunted Historian


By Johnny Kelley

Scioto County Candor Contributing Columnist

I really miss this place. I only ate there a few times, but the food was always first rate. It closed a few years ago.

In addition to great food, it had an interesting history, which stretches back to 1863 and the Enos Reed Pharmacy. It has also been home to The Blade and Tribune newspapers (former local papers), the Wooster Drug Company, the West End Confectionery and the Serving Spoon restaurant, which became The Old Lantern.

During the Civil War, the Enos Reed Pharmacy would post a list of casualties in the front window. People would from all over town come to check on the status of friends and family.

Perhaps this is why people have reported seeing the reflection of a man in a Civil War uniform standing behind them, as they looked in the front window — maybe a worried soldier checking on his mates.

Next time you’re down at the corner of Second and Court, take a look in the window of the former Old Lantern. If you spot this old warrior, give him a salute.