Community Calendar

Cleaning your community

By Donald Ross

Scioto County Candor


When you drive down the busy highways, the crowded streets, abandoned alleyways and even rural hillsides, do you see the community before you as clean? On Saturday, March 24, anyone and everyone will have the chance to clean up the environment around them.

Lori Davis, wife of Commissioner Bryan Davis, stated in an interview with the Scioto County Candor, “This is like two citizens, just arranging energy to do something about the problem we have with the littering in the county”. With Doug Bays bringing the idea to Bryan Davis, they began to converse and create a plan to help their environment.

The day will begin at Mound Park, with a small speech and the giving of proper equipment to use for the day. Equipment will be provided by the Lawrence Scioto County Waste Management.

Lori Davis explained, “They will be donating minimal supplies such as, gloves, trash bags and maybe some of the grabbers.”

The Mound Park building ran by former Mayor and Councilman Jim Kalb and and his wife Allison Kalb, will be a restroom and warm-up base for the day. All volunteers are not required to go to Mound Park, but it is highly advised. The session at Mound Park will provide  instructions for the finding of needles and opioids. If found, do not touch, Lori Davis stressed. Personnel will follow behind and search all marked areas for paraphernalia.

The cleanup will be taking place the same day as the river sweep and will both be working on improving the local environment. The main idea of the clean up is to ensure that everyone knows how it makes our city/county look to outsiders when we don’t take care of our community. Any volunteers may choose where they clean and choose where they properly dispose of all waste

“Many hands make light work” Lori Davis commented. “We just want to get it up off the side of the roads and our exits and just make the areas have a better look and are healthier.”