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Chippie Doesn’t Sing Much Anymore

Written By

 Dr. James Spinnati

 A Galveston, Texas newspaper reported the tragic story about a pet parakeet named Chippie. It seems that his owner decided to clean the bottom of Chippie’s cage with a high-powered vacuum cleaner. When she received a phone call she forgot to turn the vacuum cleaner off and she sucked poor Chippie through the tube and into the canister. When she realized what she had done, she immediately shut off the vacuum cleaner and opened the canister to find Chippie with his feathers everywhere, full of dirt and stunned. She picked him up and ran into the bathroom and held Chippie under the faucet and turned it on full blast. Then she realized that he was soaking wet and shaking. With Chippie still stunned she spotted a hair dryer and, yes you guessed it, she turned it on high heat. The blast did the trick, but it nearly finished ole Chippie. He looked as if he had been struck by a semi going 70 miles an hour. A week later the reporter called the lady to see how Chippie was doing. Her only reply was, “Well Chippie doesn’t sing much anymore.”


Brothers and sisters we have all had our cage vacuumed at one time or another. We all at one time or another have been sucked into a dirt bag, stuck under a faucet, and hit with a blast from a hot hair dryer. We have all had trials and tribulations that have hit us hard in this life. Many have suffered from sickness, financial loss, and have received a pink layoff slip just in time for Christmas. In fact many of us have had our world “turned upside down” and many times we have quit singing. We have lost that, “I believe that we’ve been born to sing” attitude. Yes I know that there are a lot of song stealers out there. There are people who are on the “cold water” bucket brigade; they would rather let the wind out of your sails than inflate your ego. They are the ones who start out with, “Maybe I shouldn’t tell you this but….” They are the trash haulers of our society that feed on defeat and discouragement and they are all too happy to serve you a “dish” of disappointment. The one thing that I have learned in my life is that gossips are afflicted with hoof-and-mouth disease. They are always hoofing it over to someone’s house and mouthing off! Friends, don’t let anyone steal the song that God put into your life. If you are in Christ, then sing, sing, sing and if you are not; do something about it today you will never be sorry that you put your trust in Jesus Christ.