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High speed chase ends in a New Boston home



By Nikki Blankenship and Tausha Kennison

Scioto County Candor


The Scioto County Candor was live on the scene of a high speed chase that ended in a car crash just after 8 p.m. Tuesday night. Police units chased the car through New Boston and ended on Pennsylvania Ave., resulting in both Pennsylvania and Blaine avenues being closed for a portion of the evening.

Several eyewitnesses said the car was traveling Pennsylvania Ave. towards Pleasant when the driver ran into stopped traffic forcing him to turn right, down a hill and into the back of a house. They further stated that the fire department removed a gun from the driver, whom they identified as Damar Arnold (aka C-4). However, officers on the scene refused to provide any information. The driver was arrested.

K-9 units were also on scene and searched the vehicle. Scioto County Candor staff witnessed the K-9 units recover a bag containing a powder substance from the vehicle. Officers tested the substance. After testing, the officer stated, “If that’s what he swallowed, it was heroin.”

Arnold was on on parole for two third degree felonies that included abduction and carrying a weapon under disability. In November 2012, Arnold was indicted on charges of carrying a weapon under disability, carrying a concealed weapon, trafficking in drugs, possession of heroin, criminal trespassing and possession of criminal tools.

The Scioto County Candor contacted the New Boston Police Department for additional information; however, they were uncooperative.