Commissioners announce Victim’s Rights Week

By Barb VanSickle-Roush

The Scioto County Candor

In the latest meeting of the Scioto County Commissioners, the Commissioners adopted various resolutions from the 16-item agenda.

Items adopted included a memorandum of understanding between the Commissioners, the Scioto County Engineers office and the Rush Township. The memorandum allows for Rush Township to join in the joint purchasing program that allows the Scioto County Engineers office to build repair materials for the roads at a lower cost than purchasing them elsewhere, therefore saving money.

Furthermore, there was an adoption of an addendum to the Community-Based Corrections program and Adult Parole program of the State subsidy grant agreement. In 2017, the amount of funding the programs had from the State of Ohio subsidy was $465,764.00 to run the two entities in Scioto County. Now, in 2018, the State of Ohio is only subsidizing $302,206.00 a decrease of $163,558.00 to the programs’ budget. To date, there is nothing in the works to make up the difference in the two programs budgets.

The Commissioners also approved a resolution to hold Victim’s Rights Week in Scioto County from April 8-14, 2018. The goal of Victim’s Rights Week is to bring awareness to what victims of crime’s face and what rights they have after the crime.

The Scioto County Commissioners meet at 9:30 a.m. every Tuesday and Thursday at the Scioto County Common Pleas Courthouse. Meetings are open to the public.