Portsmouth gets first micro-pantry


(From left to right: Brent Newman, Micro Pantry.jpgCaptain Misty Simco, Jamie Eberhardt, and Jeff Eberhardt)

By Caleb Howard

Scioto County Candor

Portsmouth’s first ever micro-pantry is here. The micro-pantry, stocked with donated nonperishables, is for anyone who is in need of some food, as well as anyone who would like to donate.

To donate, simply go to the pantry and place items inside. In addition, people can also donate item for the pantry directly to the
Salvation Army in Portsmouth, where they can specify if the donation is for the micro-pantry or one of the Salvation Army’s other programs. The micro-pantry is located at James Dickey American Legion Post 23,
704 Court Street in Portsmouth. The American Legion will be physically maintaining the pantry.

According to the Salvation Army Portsmouth Corps. Captain Misty Simco, this project took
approximately three months from start to finish. The micro-pantry was a collaborative effort between Jeff and Jamie Eberhardt, Brent Newman and the Salvation Army.

Brent Newman helped set up the connection between Jeff and Jamie Eberhardt and the Salvation Army Portsmouth Corps. Brent Newman is a native to the Portsmouth area.

Jeff and Jamie Eberhart are both Illinois natives. Jeff manages micro-pantries in Illinois.
According to Simco, Jeff is responsible for
building 14 micro-pantries in Illinois. Jeff and Jamie Eberhardt also built the micro-pantry being used in Portsmouth, delivered the pantry to Portsmouth and even filled it with food.

This type of pantry allows those in need to get the food they need without the shame some may feel when going to a traditional food pantry. This type of pantry also allows for 24/7 access, which means those who need food will have access any time of day.


The Salvation Army is maintaining the supplies in the micro-pantry. If you have extra food and would like to donate, you can either donate directly to the pantry, or you can drop your donations off to the Salvation Army of Portsmouth at 1001 9th St, Portsmouth, Ohio.