Health ranking drops

By Nikki Blankenship

Scioto County Candor

Scioto County’s health ranking has shown a drop, the the county ranking 86 of 88 counties in Ohio, with only Pike and Adams counties ranking farther down on the list for 2017. Last year, the county which has consistently ranked among the worst counties in the State was ranked 83 in 2016. Despite the poor health ranking, some indicators have continued to improve.

According to the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, has showed continued improvement in environmental indicators.

In health outcomes, which measures such things as premature death and poor mental and physical health, the county ranked 86. However, when looking at health behaviors, the county ranked second to last.

Health behaviors looks at contributors to poor health such as smoking, obesity, teen births and sexual infections. According to the indicator, the county struggles with inactivity, excessive use of alcohol and high rates of spreading sexually transmitted infections.

Social and economic factors were also found to be a contributor to the county’s poor ranking. These factors explored issues from unemployment and education to poverty and violent crime. Scioto County had more children living in poverty than most of Ohio. The data found that 32 percent of children living in Scioto County were living in poverty.

Still Scioto County found great improvement in environmental factors, ranking in the top 25 counties in Ohio for physical environment. Air quality in the area is among the best in Ohio, and Scioto County had no found water violations.

Though Scioto County has a history of ranking low, for several years the area was showing improvement. Once ranked the worst in the state for health factors, Scioto County had worked up to the 86 spot. This year, however, several indicators were on the decline, including health factors.

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