Local program trains, arms school staff members for an active shooter program

IMG_20180302_030604.jpg1,300 staff members complete program

By Donald Ross
Scioto County Candor

Local school districts have been taking the extra step to protect their students, in case those students lives and education are on the line. Recent school shootings have some educators feeling this is the best reaction.

Tactical Defense Institute (TDI), a company that has been working tirelessly  to find a solution to these shootings, has collaborated with the Buckeye Firearms Association (BFA) to create a program that trains school staff members to be both prepared and armed.

Creator of the armed teacher program, John Benner, started this operation five years ago, after the Sandy Hook shooting.

Benner explained that his program offers all kinds of training; such as physical and firearm defense. Training will focus primarily on armed response to an “active killer” scenario, but may also offer more instruction on medical trauma care, mindset, general school security, and more, sponsored by the BFA.

With seven to eight classes held per year, TDI has also introduced Cireno, a fellow defense company, to adopt the program, now holding three to four classes per year. Most applicants of this program have trained in basic firearm safety for their Concealed Handgun License.

While the amount of armed teachers in this program in unknown, approximately 1300 school staff members have entered the program in the five years it’s been running, explained Benner. He added that he could not comment on the number of schools with staff trained to carry firearms for their privacy and security.

The program was funded by the BFA, as well as a variety of donors and corporations in efforts to help keep the program moving.

According to Benner, the basic meaning of this program is simply to save lives.

The Tactical Defense Institute is located on 2174 Bethany Ridge, in West Union. To contact them, call (937) 544-7228.