Health Dept. program assists those with sewage problems

By Caleb Howard

Scioto County Candor


The Scioto County Health Department is offering a program to help individuals with failing or failed septic systems or aeration treatment systems. If your household sewage treatment system has failed, or is failing, you may qualify for funding assistance to help repair or replace your sewage treatment system.

This year, costs for the abandonment of failed household sewage treatment systems and connections to centralized sanitary sewer systems will also be offered.

According to Melissa Spears, Director of Environmental Health in Scioto County, roughly 60-100 people have been assisted through the program in the last year. The health department was recently awarded a $200,000 grant to aid in expenses and continue the program, which has been in place for the past 10 years.

This year, roughly 25-30 connections to sanitary sewer systems have been made. To qualify for this program, the home must be owner-occupied or being purchased via a land installment contract per Ohio Revised Code 5313.

Additionally, the system must be documented as failed by the Scioto County Health Department and program participants must be income eligible. Verification of household size will be conducted by the health department using currently established guidelines.

The household income eligibility requirements are as follow:

100% coverage    85% coverage 50%coverage

1-4 people: $24,300     1-4 people: $48,600     1-4 people: $72,900

5 people: $28,440     5 people: $56,880      5 people: $85,320

6 people: $32,580      6 people: $65,160      6 people: $97,740

7 people: $36,730      7 people: $73,460      7 people: $110,190

8 people: $40,890      8 people: $81,780      8 people: $122,670

Add $4,160 for each additional person.

The areas served by this program include all of Scioto County, excluding Portsmouth and Sciotoville. Spears strongly encourages people with failed or failing septic systems to take advantage of this opportunity. She also stressed that no condemnations will be made to anyone taking advantage of this program; this program is simply to help those in need of assistance.

For additional information, you can call (740) 355-8358, or you can email Spears at

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