February Births

February 5

Mr. and Mrs. Brandon and Kasey Penix of Portsmouth, son


February 9

Miranda Howard and Patrick Caspari of Piketon, daughter

Brett Pertuset and Amy Campbell of Lucasville, son


February 10

Brian and Megan Zimmer of Lucasville, daughter


February 12

Mr. and Mrs. Elisha Allen of McDermott, son

Matthew and Charity Coleman of Portsmouth, son


February 13

Suree Burns of Portsmouth, daughter

Joseph and Andrea Holt of Piketon, son

Lacie Helton and Ryan Shoemaker of Otway, daughter

Christy L. Fowler and David Plew of Portsmouth, son


February 14

Nicole Maynard and Robert Simpson of Lucasville, son


February 16

Nathan and Kiersten McCane of Vanceburg (Ky.), son


February 17

Crystal Davis and Jason Harrell of Portsmouth, son


February 18

Rachel and William Warner of Goshen (Ind.), daughter


February 19

Morgan Christopher and Nathan Franke of Lucasville, son

Zachary and Shanda Cordle of Vanceburg (Ky.), son

Samantha Collins and Christopher Ward of Portsmouth, son

Morgan Ramsey and Jason Smith of Lucasville, daughter


February 20

Tammy and Chris Nichols of Blue Creek, son

Noah Riggs and Izzy Riggs of Minford, daughter

Larry Campbell and Samantha Robertson of Portsmouth, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Samantha Morris of Lucasville, son


February 21

Mr. and Mrs. Kelly and Kimberly Slaughter-Hannah of West Portsmouth, daughter

Hannah Runyon and David Dunbarr of Wheelersburg, son

Logan and Kendra Snively of Piketon, son

Laci Carr of New Boston, son

Steven Ryder and Amber Ketcham of Portsmouth, son


February 22

Matthew hysell and Beth Miller of McDermott, son

Cali Thompson and David Meadows of Portsmouth, son


February 23

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Caudill, son

Isaac and Julie Fenton of South Webster, daughter


February 26

Danielle Coyle of McDermott, daughter

Kenneth and Kayla Allred of Lucasville, daughter

Amber Rayner of Portsmouth, son

Katrina Lambert and Alvey Shipley of Beaver, daughter


February 27

Michael Brady and Brittany Wright of Piketon, son

Miranda Jenkins of Portsmouth, son

Angela M. Conley and Zane E. Conley of Wheelersburg, son

Alex and Mackenzie Coakley of Portsmouth, son


February 28

Brandon and Chasitee Dean of Portsmouth, daughter