Valley High School Takes Shelter 

Nicole Huff
Scioto County Candor

Among the last two years, Valley High School has been planning and preparing for the possibility of an unfortunate incident. As the rainfall pours over the county, more and more community members grow weary of the harsh weather, as well as the possible disastrous situations that come with it. In regards to this, Valley will now be serving as a Red Cross Shelter.

While weather can be drastic, more problems are arising in maintaining a safe school environment, especially with recent media reports of school violence. Valley Local Superintendent Scott Rolfe sent a letter out to parents and community members discussing the upcoming events and practices the staff and students of Valley are currently engaging in, as well of some of their future plans. In the letter, Rolfe focuses on the outside forces the students and faculty may have to face, one day.
“This could be one of the most difficult letters to prepare, not because of the information or items listed, but because of the reason it needs to be written. It is hard to believe that educating children now entails developing plans to protect them from outside forces we never thought imaginable,” Rolfe states.

Rolfe goes on to list the steps the students and faculty have taken to prepare for these possible drastic measures:
-We have had two full days of Professional Development meetings for staff members.
-Outside professional presenters have worked with us on those particular days.
-We have had first responders in our buildings the last two years.
-All four Emergency Operation Plans submitted via online SAFE portal in June and approved by Ohio Homeland Security in July.
-All staff members discussed with their students how to barricade, and discussed items in the classroom to use as a distractor in case a person were to enter the classroom.

These steps were concluded with statements of additional exercising and safety drills.

Rolfe further extended his statement with a list, focusing on the future of Valley, of what the staff is planning to do.
-Supply each room a secondary door barricade; this would be an extra support for the classroom doors. We have premium door and lock systems, and these additional deterrents would stop an intruder if they had a key.
-Place shatter resistant film on all exterior door glass and inside on the office windows.
-Establish computer programs in the principal offices to have the ability to unlock exterior doors from a secure place. Etc.
“We would ask that you please be cognizant of your child’s social media usage, know where and what they are exploring on the web. As we continue to teach our students to inform us of items that worry them, we encourage you to do the same.” Rolfe explained.
If shelter is needed in an unfortunate or disastrous event, citizens are urged to head to the Valley High School gymnasium, where they will be provided with a Red Cross shelter manager to oversee all activity. One door will be specifically for the Red Cross employees and victims, where they will be checked in and out.
“We live in a great community! Together we can continue to be proud of the accomplishments of our students,” Rolfe concluded.

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