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‘Rattlesnake’ of a show brings in touring act

Nikki Blankenship
Scioto County Candor

Local musicians will join with some out-of-town touring acts to offer a jam fest that brings “high energy music” to local scene.
The 22nd Annual Blues and Speed Metal Festival is scheduled for 9 p.m. March 23 at Frank-N-Steins located at 707 Chillicothe Street in Portsmouth.
The line-up for the event will include bands such as Husky Burnette Hard Rockin Blues, from Denver Colo.; The Black Knots Kick-Ass Rock-n-Roll, from Huntington, W.Va.; and Appalachia Death, from Portsmouth.
“Husky has been touring nonstop for over a decade now, maybe longer, and is originally from Knoxville, Tenn., but now living out in Colorado,” an event coordinator Johnny Whisman stated. “He takes a deep southern blues slide style approach to his music, pretty cool I think, especially live.”
Whisman continued by explaining that several of the bands offer a unique sound.
“The Black knots are a fast motor head style rock band from Huntington,” Whisman stated. “Appalachia Death is our band. It is a mix of the other bands — fast and high energy music with a bluesy twist to it.”
Whisman stated that he feels blessed to have Husky coming to play. Whisman added that the Black Knots are the band that will really bring the “vibe” he hopes to see throughout the event.
“The Black Knots are an amazing band that will bring a 100% and also add to the overall vibe of the show. That was the most important thing for this event, the vibe,” Whisman commented. “This will be a show with the power and overall feel that you would have seen at Bernie’s ‘the Ohio CBGB’s.’ I am really happy with the line up, and it all really came together because the bands said yes. It is really that easy. This event is going to have the style, feel and vibe of a rattlesnake!”
The 22nd Annual Blues and Speed Metal Festival is one of many musical events hosted at Frank-N-Steins, which has long been a hub for the local music scene. For more information about the event, check out the event page on Facebook.