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Scioto County makes jail upgrades: Inmate searches easier for the public

Staff Report

Scioto County Sheriff Marty V. Donini reports that the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office has recently completed two projects within the Scioto County Jail which has resulted in significant computerized upgrades which will assist in managing the daily operations of the jail.

The upgrades were the result of accepting proposals from two separate companies to replace the inmate telephone system and to upgrade the jail management booking system used to book and manage inmates incarcerated within the Scioto County Jail.

Sheriff Donini states that “Inmate Telephone Solutions” (ICS), a company based in San Antonio Texas was awarded the project which has resulted in a five year agreement with the company to provide inmate telephone services which will generate a “guaranteed” revenue source of no less than $100,000.00 each year and possibly more to be used by the Sheriff in the operations of the jail.

This upgrade will allow all telephone communications (including inmate visitations) within the jail to be recorded and monitored. The new system also includes an interface with the current inmate commissary system thereby allowing the inmate to place and pay for the telephone calls from the jail by using the funds available from their commissary account. Sheriff Donini states the ICS agreement also provided an additional “Technology Grant” in the amount of $37,000.00 for upgrading additional computerized components within the jail.

The Sheriff states that the technology grant was used to upgrade the jail management booking system at no cost to the community as the result of accepting a proposal from Justice Data Solutions Incorporated based in Tallmadge, Ohio. Justice Data Solutions, Inc. has provided and maintained the Scioto County Jail management booking system for nearly twenty years.

“As the result of upgrading our jail management booking system our community can now have instant access to inmate information by simply going to a link which has been establish for public viewing”. This link will allow anyone to access our booking system to obtain information concerning inmates currently (or previously) incarcerated within the Scioto County Jail. For those wanting to view booking information from the Scioto County Jail simply type the following web address into your address bar: A direct link to this location (inmate information) can also be found on the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office website:

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