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Scioto County Candor moves in new offices

Donald Ross
Scioto County Candor intern

The Scioto County Candor, the area’s only locally owned and operated online news and media source, is moving in with Trinity Business Group, owned by Sean Boldman.
“In addition to beautiful office space, Trinity Business Group offers a variety of services for small and start-up businesses. We couldn’t be more excited to get everything moved in and to open to the public,” said Candor Owner and Publisher Nikki Blankenship.
The Scioto County Candor hopes to be fully moved into their new space this week.
In addition to the move, Blankenship announced that the Candor’s website will be going live on March 1.
Blankenship explained that the site is what she believes to be the future of local/community news coverage.
“I remember being an undergraduate journalism student at Shawnee State University (SSU) and learning that one day newspapers would fade out of existence because of changes in media and technology,” Blankenship commented. “That was more than a decade ago, and though news in a paper format may have disadvantages, local news coverage is as important as ever. So, we hope to offer something new and interactive that readers won’t want to leave out in the rain or folded up on the coffee table unread.”
Blankenship explained that the Candor will be an online news source that utilizes advances in communication and media technologies, taking local news into the future. The site will include various forms of news content including well-written journalistic news stories, videos and even podcasts — all of which with a local focus.
“Online news sites are growing in popularity across the nation and even across the globe. When you’re not limited by the space of a printed newspaper, you can do so many cool things with local news coverage,” Blankenship said.
Blankenship added that she has worked in local news since 2006 and feels that a fair, consistent and comprehensive, one-stop shop for local news is something the community has demanded.
“We will offer consistent and daily coverage of everything from politics to education, business, healthcare, sports, features on local people, traffic, community events/arts and entertainment crime and more,” Blankenship stated. “In addition to news coverage, we will also have local columns, community resource guides and competitively priced advertising, obituaries, classifieds and announcements. And again, I can’t stress enough, we will be publishing daily.”
Blankenship added that she and her staff share the belief that local news serves an important function of informing the public.
“Though I love being able to feature all of the wonderful people and organizations in this beautiful community, I also believe that local news outlets have a responsibility to the communities they serve,” said Blankenship. “We take that responsibility very seriously. As a result, we believe that information should be free and accessible to the public. We will not charge subscription fees.”
To keep operational costs low, Blankenship explained that the Scioto County Candor works with SSU to offer an internship program for undergraduate students studying journalism or a related field.
“The community has been overwhelmingly supportive and helpful in bringing my dream to life. I love Scioto County. This is my home. The people here are my friends, family, people I grew up with, people who have helped to shape me. I want to give them a product they are proud of,” Blankenship concluded.
To hear more about all the services the Scioto County Candor has to offer, call them at (740) 357-7496 (phones may not be operational until next week) or stop in at their new location at 613 Chillicothe Street in Portsmouth.

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