Model Arab League hosts 15 universities

Pamela Parlin
Scioto County Candor intern

A Shawnee State University (SSU) club is hosting universities from across Ohio today through Saturday. In total, 15 universities will be in the area throughout the weekend. They are being hosted by the Ohio Valley Model Arab League.
The SSU group is a student leadership program centered around examining assigned countries in order for the development of US-Arab Relations. Under the direction of, Professor Amr Al-Azm, the group discusses cultural, economic, political and religious traditions that impact the Arabic Nations currently, all the way from looking through the lens of Arab and Non-Arabic leaders to reaching a common resolution on a prompted topic. These students also have the opportunities to travel to study abroad and even intern in foreign countries. According to the Ohio Valley Model Arab League, this gives students the hands-on experience of being a diplomat in the Arab World.
Students have the chance to represent their schools, and the chance to further their careers in political science. The idea of the Model Arab League is to simulate the League of Arab States. According to CNN, The League of Arab States was founded in Cairo in 1945 by 22 countries to strengthen ties between Arab and African countries, this includes the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). This developmental program was designed to instill critical thinking among universities and high school students.
SSU student and League member Samantha Budd explained that she feels the club helps expand her knowledge of topics related to her educational studies.
“I’m an International Relations major, the President of the Model Arab League club at Shawnee State University, and in charge of training students for these conferences,” Budd stated. “I also will be chairing at the Ohio Valley competition for the council of Palestinian Affairs. I study Middle Eastern politics, mostly Arab-western relations, and Palestinian/Arab-Israeli relations, I enjoy these topics, this is what I wish to do in the future and it is just a great program and opportunity that Dr. al-Azm has started at Shawnee State.”
Though the SSU group is holding a competition this weekend, they are hopeful for successful competitions and a chance to once again bring students from across Ohio back this spring.
“We are hoping that we will get a chance to host the Ohio Valley regionals again next spring. We really hope to be successful in what we have worked and planned for this past year,” Budd commented. ”
The students also plan to exercise their knowledge nationals. There will be a national event held April 6-8 in Washington D.C.

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