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Human Trafficking Story Continues to Unravel

Nikki Blankenship
Scioto County Candor

New light has been shed on recent reports indicating Portsmouth Insurance Agent Frederick Brisker, of Wheelersburg, owner of Fred W. Brisker & Associates is involved in a local human trafficking ring.
On Dec. 14, 2017, the Scioto County Candor published information from a sealed federal investigation, revealing that Brisker and alleged co-conspirators (including Portsmouth Attorney Mike Mearan and other local/state officials and members of enforcement) were under investigation for charges including human trafficking, drug trafficking and public corruption.
Since that time, information has surfaced proving that Brisker fathered a child with a known prostitute/convicted drug trafficker, who is now deceased–the late Kristi Bradshaw, of Portsmouth.
In Case No. 14DO000455, filed in Scioto County Domestic Relations Court, Judge Jerry Buckler ordered DNA testing, results of which name Brisker as the father of Bradshaw’s minor child. Buckler also granted Brisker custody as the minor child’s residential parent. The case was filed the very day after Bradshaw’s death.
Bradshaw’s sister Barb Henderson explained that her sister was 43-years-old when she died. She was also the mother of three young children. According to Henderson, Bradshaw also had a problem with drug addiction and resorted to prostitution to support her habit.
With addiction, often comes legal issues. Bradshaw was convicted of both possession and trafficking charges in 2007. Mearan was her attorney.
“She (Bradshaw) said in a statement Oxy’s (Oxycontin, an opiate manufactured by Perdue Pharma) were her (drug of) choice,” Henderson stated. “She stated that to her attorneys and our attorneys.”
According to Henderson, Bradshaw used drugs and took part in activities of prostitution for 18-20 years.
“Mike was the one who got her started on all of this,” Henderson declared.
Henderson stated that Brisker started “messing around” with Bradshaw before his wife died. According to her obituary, Brisker’s wife died in Nov. 2005. Henderson added that when her sister got pregnant, Brisker provided for Bradshaw financially.
“He gave Kristi a place to live and a vehicle and took care of her bills before their son was born,” Henderson explained.
She added that Brisker oversaw other financial matters for Bradshaw as well. She stated that he took out an insurance policy on Bradshaw. Henderson added that Bradshaw had obtained a sum of money totaling more than $300,000 from a medical lawsuit, which she put in Brisker’s care.
According to her obituary published in the Portsmouth Daily Times, Bradshaw died on Aug. 28, 2014.
Henderson explained that Bradshaw died from an infection in her heart caused by intravenous drug use and had undergone two open heart surgeries.
According to Henderson, her sister died with Brisker and Mearan.
“Him (Brisker) and Mearan were in her hospital room when she was dying. Somebody dropped her off at the hospital that morning and left,” Henderson stated. “(B)oth Fred (Brisker) and Mike (Mearan) were in the hospital rm when she passed. Well, Fred was. Mike left 10 minutes before, laughing.”
The next day, Aug. 29, 2014, Mearan filed the above mentioned parentage case on behalf of his client, Brisker. According to case files, he also filed for emergency custody of the minor child in question, which was granted on the same day.
Then, on Sept. 02, 2014, an entry was made granting temporary emergency custody to Mearan.
DNA testing results were announced on Oct. 23, 2014. Brisker was named the father, child support was vacated due to the mother being deceased and Brisker was named residential parent. The case files also show that a new birth certificate would be issued for the minor child, establishing paternity and reflecting a name change for the child.
Bradshaw’s other two children remain in the care of family.
According to the Fred W. Brisker & Associates website, Brisker has two daughters, is a member of the Portsmouth City Chamber of Commerce and sponsors several local school sports teams.
Brisker has been asked to comment on his relationship with Bradshaw. As of press time, he has not responded.
Mearan has also been asked to issue a statement on the above matters.
Responses from Brisker and Mearan will be made available if and when they are provided.

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