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Dunne donates Council salary back to the people

Nikki Blankenship
Scioto County Candor

New member of Portsmouth City Council, First Ward Representative Sean Dunne started off his term with a commitment to making positive contributions to the city he serves. Dunne announced that he will be donating his council salary to various non-profit organizations working towards progress in Portsmouth.
“I am donating my councilman salary for several reasons,” Dunne explained. “On Election Night, I stated that people who voted for me did not only vote for an individual, as they also voted for community spirit.”
Dunne explained that putting his salary back into the community is just one way he felt that he could live up to that vote. Dunne’s community focus inspired him to show the City that his election to public office is not self-serving.
“There are many people and organizations that donate a lot of their time and money to improve our community,” he commented. “My donation is meant to acknowledge how inspirational their work is to me and to other residents of Portsmouth.”
Dunne explained that he will select a different 501c3 organization each month to be awarded his monthly salary.
“My hope is that it not only provides each organization with additional funding, but that it will also increase awareness of their activities. More attention can be given to the positive developments in our city, and I think that this would help do that,” Dunne stated. “I wanted to wait until after the election to discuss donating my councilman salary, as I did not want it to appear as an election gimmick.”
Dunne has decided to award donations through cooperation with the Scioto Foundation, who has helped him with other community focused projects.
“I wanted to work with Kim, Toni, Therese and Patty at the Scioto Foundation because they do so much for our area, and because they were so helpful when we received the $25,000 grant for Spartan Municipal Stadium,” Dunne stated.
He added that the Scioto Foundation has worked with him to discuss various ways this project could work. Together, they decided that Dunne will donate his salary to a fund called “Public Sociology in Southern Ohio.” Money will be awarded from that fund to the chosen organizations.
“Public Sociology is a practice that brings Sociology out of the classrooms and engages in work that is not exclusively academic,” Dunne, who is also a sociology professor at Shawnee State University (SSU) explained. “I currently have a number of organizations in mind, but I know there are many others that are out there. I would greatly appreciate it if people could suggest organizations that should be considered for these donations.”
Dunne further stated that he is excited to see the community getting involved by opening up conversations and recommending entities doing good things in the area.
Dunne was sworn in at the First Ward Councilman Monday night during City Council’s annual organizational meeting. Council will meet in regular session at 6 p.m. on Mon., Jan. 8 in Council Chambers in the Municipal Courthouse on Second St. in Portsmouth.

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