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My name is Justin Pizzulli, and I am a Realtor in Scioto County, Ohio, where I currently reside. I have experience working for the National Republican Congressional Committee, College Republican National Committee, and in the Freedom Partners network — one of the largest political nonprofits in the country.

Having worked on the inside, I have seen how broken our government really is, and I know with my experience we can take back our town from politicians in Columbus. I also hold a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Shawnee State University and a Masters of Business Administration from Marshall University. While there, I spent my time studying economics, accounting, marketing, finance, and business policy and strategy – all the while remaining completely debt free. I have traveled to Israel four times to help bring positive Christian engagement to the Middle East.

Our corner of the state is the most overlooked region of Ohio, yet it has the most opportunity to see booming economic growth in the coming years. We have been anxiously waiting for our time to come. Personally, I have grown impatient with waiting. It’s time for us all, individually, to take the initiative to prime the engine of economic opportunity and propel Southeast Ohio onto a new level of competition with the rest of the state.

I have lived in our region for my entire life. It’s where I grew up, where I went to school, and where I decided to start my career. There were a number of chances for me to move to another city or location in places around the country. However, not once did I ever really consider leaving. My decision to stay was a conscious one, and rooted in my belief that my home has a bright future just around the corner. This is why I have decided to run for State Representative.

We need to have an advocate for our community in Columbus that is not content with the status quo. We need someone who will aggressively and tirelessly pursue the interests that we all hold dear by fighting to provide the tools necessary for growth. One of my top priorities in Columbus will be to help attract businesses to come to our community. It is not enough for us to simply hope that this will just happen. We instead have to make it happen by selling what we have to offer. Part of this process will be to do everything in our power to slice away the red tape that suffocates our small businesses, which serves as the lifeblood of our local economy. Additionally, we have to ensure that our community remains healthy and safe, and a critical action item will be to combat the scourge of heroin that has been ravaging not just our cities and townships, but the entire state as a whole. The most basic form of government is to protect the life, liberty, and property of the people.

Public safety, cutting away regulations, and growing our economy will be my focus in Columbus. Though I have been a lifelong Republican, I am sick and tired of the constant political bickering. We see enough of it on the news. I don’t plan on being a rabble rouser or a political grandstander. I simply intend to do my job and answer to you, my employer. I ask for your support. I ask for your vote. Together we can reinvigorate our community and all reap the benefits of economic growth.

20180112_KathleenMadden_0005Kathleen Madden for Fourth District Court of Appeals

Address:  Williamsport; Deerfield Township (Ross County)

Age: 43

Occupation: Chief of Human Resources and Labor Counsel, Office of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine

Relevant experience:

I have nearly 17 years of legal experience, including over a decade of leadership positions in state government, including my current official position in the Office of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. My prior government positions include serving as the former Director of Community Schools in the Ohio Department of Education, former Policy Administrator in the Ohio Department of Administrative Services, and former Assistant Chief Legal Counsel in the Ohio Office of Budget and Management.  

Before joining state government, I was engaged in the private practice of law for several years and successfully represented clients in state and federal trial and appellate courts, including the Fourth District Court of Appeals, and in administrative hearings.

For several years, I served as a court-appointed guardian ad litem in a local county probate/juvenile court.  I have experience in reviewing and analyzing complex cases while serving as a case law editor for a leading legal publishing corporation.  I also practiced law in Kentucky in a small, general practice firm.

I graduated from Capital University Law School, where I was on Law Review and a member of the National Moot Court Team and graduated Order of the Barristers.

I am licensed to practice law in both Ohio and Kentucky and in the U.S. Courts for the Southern District of Ohio, Western District of Kentucky, and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

I am running for the Fourth District Court of Appeals because I believe the public is best served when judges are elected that represent the public they serve, including those with different legal and personal backgrounds.  I believe my unique but directly applicable experience differs from those esteemed judges currently on the bench and from others running for this office.  My experience as a civil litigator and public servant will benefit the lawyers and clients that come before the Court of Appeals. The public deserves a fair-minded, hard-working, ethical judge who rises above partisan politics and correctly and impartially applies the law, which I will do if elected.

 Brad Wenstrup for Congress


Brad Wenstrup was elected in 2012 to represent the people of Ohio’s Second Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives.  He brings with him experiences as a doctor, Army Reserve officer, Iraq War veteran, and small business owner to help Congress tackle the challenges facing Ohio and the nation.


A Cincinnati native, Brad graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1980. Subsequently, after earning a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree and completing his surgical residency in Chicago, he returned to Cincinnati to open his own private practice, treating patients for over twenty-six years. Brad has served in the U.S. Army Reserve since 1998, currently holding the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  From 2005 to 2006, he served as Chief of Surgery of the 344th Combat Support Hospital and combat surgeon on a twelve month deployment in Iraq, and was awarded the Bronze Star and the Combat Action Badge for his service.  During his time in Congress, Dr. Wenstrup is fulfilling his Army Reserve duty by caring for our troops at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.


As a former business owner, Brad is working to promote economic growth for both employees and employers by eliminating burdensome regulations on the American people so they can invest, grow, and create jobs.  As a doctor, he promotes market-based health care solutions that protect the doctor-patient relationship and empower families and individuals as health care consumers.


In Congress, Brad is working to promote and advance the principles of liberty, the free enterprise system, a strong national defense, and the spirit of American Exceptionalism.


In the 115th Congress, Brad serves on the House Armed Services Committee, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, and the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, where he serves as chairman of the subcommittee on health. He is working to strengthen our military and national defense, help our returning service members’ transition into civilian life, and support southern Ohio’s veteran community. He is also a member of the House Doctors’ Caucus, comprised of health care professionals who are working to implement patient-centered health care solutions based on their combined experience as doctors and nurses.


Brad lives in Cincinnati with his wife, Monica, and their son, Brad Jr.

 Melissa Ackison for Senate

melissa with flag (3)

Melissa Ackison is the mother to four sons.  She and her husband are the owners and operators of Ackison Surveying LLC.
Being a blended family, the ages of her boys are 22, 20, 8 and 16 months! Her 20 year old is currently serving in the US Army and is stationed in the Middle East.
Melissa currently lives on a small farm in Marysville Ohio but grew up in a very blue collar, diverse area on the west side of Columbus. She knows the inner cities and she knows the Farm life. Her father was a Union employee and both grandfathers served in the Unites States Military. Her family lineage is diverse with careers being coal miners and sharecroppers for Bob Evans Farms.
Before Owning and operating the business with her husband, Melissa also owned a staffing company  servicing the needs of the elderly and disabled.  She was featured on local news stations as a premier service provider and was recognized as her clients sweetheart because she loved to give hugs.
 Prior to owning her own businesses, Melissa was one of the youngest executive level employees sought out by large multi billion dollar, international organizations.  She specialized in human capital efficiency, organizational design, was a union negotiator, and worked all across the United States in manufacturing environments as well as international projects that required her travel overseas.   Given the fact Melissa was not formally educated with a college degree, she took any assignment given to her that would expose her to new opportunities and new things to learn about. She was highly respected by her peers and executives who held advanced level degrees for her work ethic and desire to learn.
 Being a small business owner who was detrimentaly impacted by the governments hijacking of our medical insurance under Batak Obama’s Administration, Melissa and her family lived a nightmarish cycle as a result of Obamacare.  Melissa Fought and she fought hard, lobbying at different events demanding change!  She was the squeaky wheel who got the oil !  The “oil” came in the form of an invitation from the White House.
She was ultimately invited by vice President Pence and by President Trump  on separate occasions and was featured at national levels as a surrogate for repeal and replace initiatives.   Melissa is also featured in the recently released book published by Simon and Schuster “the new American revolution“ about the populist movement and Americans who fought back for change.
Melissa’s  strong communication skills and ability to articulate the socialist medical plans driven from the previous administration landed her to be handpicked by President Trump‘s communications team to effectively represent what Obamacare had done to not only the free market but to family’s healthcare options all across the United States. She also was able to articulate the devastating effects of Medicaid expansion as well as the small business owners struggle to be successful with intrusive government policy looming over their head.
 As early as 2012 Melissa began lobbying at different events challenging our federal level policies that were making it difficult for her staffing company as well as hiring people in the private sector. Melissa began studying federal policy and understanding that our nation and Ohio was turning into a welfare state.
 Simply put, Melissa Ackison is tiny in stature but a force to  be reckoned with when it comes to her love for our state and her love for country. When the Republican establishment failed our president, she began assimilating and organizing a team to go to the United States Senate and stand by her president to Make America Great Again.
 In the private sector as well as in small business ownership, Melissa Ackison has worked on welfare reform, healthcare reform, was responsible for immigration working for large companies, understands the job and labor markets as that was her responsibility, has worked internationally and understands matters of diplomacy and international business relations, and is far superior than any other candidate to represent Ohio with real world reforms!
 Melissa was featured at national levels with Father Frank Pavone of Preists For Life, consults with people such as Alveda King of Civil rights for the unborn and has been a friend to the pro life movement for many years, working to advance the truths of Planned Parenthood. She’s highly respected in the pro-life movement at national levels.
 Melissa Ackison has been a concealed carry card holder and relied heavily on the ability to carry a firearm in the types of jobs she had as well as being alone often with four little boys to take care of when her husband was on the road for the business. She is a staunch defender of the Second Amendment and has been working since 2009 on initiatives to engage minority’s  and women with regard to getting their concealed carry permit’s and understanding how important the Second Amendment is to our lives.
 Melissa has told the world in these exact words “We aren’t just good enough to live under the policy’s that fail us, we are good enough to represent our family’s interests and to take back our republic from career politicians. Join me today and be part of a historical revolution! A government for the people, and by the people, can be achieved… And you will help me get there. This is our story and we will write it together! “
Vote Ackison on May 8th!

Scottie Powell for State Rep. 90th District

powellBorn to Jack and Tina Powell of Otway, OH, Scottie is a Scioto County native raised with a strong belief in God’s grace and the value of hard work. Scottie’s father Jack, a logger and minister, instilled in his 3 boys that you work hard for what you get, and you honor God with what he blesses you with. Scottie’s mother, Tina, taught him how to show compassion to others, and to share what you have even if it isn’t much.

At an early age Scottie was introduced to the principle of working hard. During tobacco season, he and his bothers could be found in the fields, picking rocks, hand hoeing, and maintaining the acres of tobacco the family would raise for extra money. Scottie graduated from Northwest High School in 2002. It was there he met his high school sweetheart, Emily Hill, daughter to Dr. Jeffrey and Becky Hill. They would later get married after gradating college. A first-generation college student, Scottie attended Otterbein University and graduated with a BA in Communications. Years, later he would obtain his MBA in Healthcare Administration from Western Governors University.

After college, Scottie and Emily, returned to Scioto county. Here he began his career in Nursing Home Administration. His introduction to healthcare was as the Admissions and Marketing Director for BridgePort Healthcare Center, Portsmouth, OH. He was an integral part in proposing and getting approval for a multimillion dollar rehab center, Advanced 360. Scottie later went on to take the Administrator position at Concord Health and Rehabilitation, Wheelersburg, OH. At the time Concord was on a special focus list with the

 State of Ohio, and if healthcare surveys didn’t improve it would have been shut down. Under Scottie’s leadership, the team turned the outcomes around, improved the quality of health, and ultimately Concord was taken off the State’s list. This move saved over 100 jobs in our community and prevented the need to relocate the residents of the facility. Scottie left Concord to start a career with the State of Ohio at the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

As Service Office Manager at BWC, Scottie was responsible for overseeing all claims, employer, and safety activities for the surrounding 9 counties. Four months into his new role, he also took over the Service Office Manager duties for the Cambridge, OH office. That office covers 10 additional counties. While at BWC he became a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and oversaw process improvements resulting in millions of dollars in savings. Scottie would later become the Director for Customer Experience for BWC. In this role he represented the 250,000 employers and millions of Ohio workers served by the Bureau. He was tasked with gathering the voice of the customer and identify pain points they had while interacting with BWC. During the second half of 2017, Scottie was also given authority over the Customer Contact Center that handles 400,000 calls each year. It was during this time that he proposed, and Administrator Sarah Morrison approved, a satellite call center in Portsmouth, OH. This project brought 11 good paying state jobs to the area that will generate over $500,000 in payroll and benefits each year.

Scottie has since left BWC and will soon launch a new Home Health and Hospice company serving Scioto and Lawrence Counties.

When he is not working he can be found spending time with his wife Emily, and their two children, Sawyer (5), and Scarlett (2). He is active in his church, Dry Run Church of Christ, West Portsmouth, OH. Here he can be spotted working the sound room and filling in as the praise and worship leader. He is also responsible for writing and acting in the church’s annual event Face Your Fears.

Scottie is a faith-based leader, and practical problem solver.  A local businessman, he now is excited to deploy his experience and represent you in the 90th District. He is dedicated to promoting the area for investment and job growth. He will continue the fight against the opioid epidemic and work toward more treatment options and family resources. He values our education system and wants to put the direction of our education back in the hands of teachers and parents. Finally, Scottie is determined to change the narrative regarding this great area of the state. For too long Columbus politicians have ignored us. Scottie will fight for your future, and the future of your children. Together we can change the narrative, and together we will improve this community we love. God Bless you and God Bless Ohio.